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11032-49-8|Vitamin K2|Vitamin K2-dideu

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Vitamin K2 is a naturally occurring vitamin that contains the basic structure of menaquinone and has an anti-hemorrhagic effect. It is a yellow crystal or oily liquid at room temperature, insoluble in water, easily soluble in organic solvents and vegetable oils, heat resistant, but easily destroyed by light. It can promote the synthesis of prothrombinogen in the liver and regulate the synthesis of coagulation factors VII, IX and X, thus accelerating blood clotting. In addition, it plays an important role in intracellular glucose phosphorylation. In some bacteria (such as Mycobacterium), it can be used as a component of the respiratory chain. When deficient, the clotting time is prolonged, so in the presence of trauma, bleeding can occur. Bacteria in the intestinal tract of humans and animals can synthesize it, so it is generally not easy to get deficiency. It is abundant in liver, fish, meat, and green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and spinach. It can be synthesized by microorganisms, including animal intestinal bacteria, and can also be extracted from rotten fish meal.

Vitamin K is stable to heat, but is easily destroyed by light and alkali, and needs to be protected from light when stored.

Vitamin K2 is an endogenous metabolite.

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