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59-67-6|Nicotinic acid|Nicotinic acid-dideu

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Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is mainly found in animal viscera and muscle tissues, and also exists in trace amounts in fruits and egg yolks. It is one of the 13 essential vitamins, belongs to the B vitamin group, is heat resistant, can sublimate, and is a water-soluble vitamin. Niacin can be converted into nicotinamide in human body, which is involved in the synthesis of coenzyme I and coenzyme II, and has an important role in lipid metabolism, oxidation of tissue respiration and anaerobic decomposition of sugar in the body.

Currently, niacin is mainly used as a feed additive to improve the utilization of feed protein, milk production of cows, and meat production and quality of livestock such as fish, chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep. Nicotinic acid is also a widely used pharmaceutical intermediate, with its raw materials, a variety of drugs can be synthesized, such as nicotinamide and nicotinic acid inositol ester. In addition, nicotinic acid also plays an irreplaceable role in the fields of luminescent materials, dyestuffs and electroplating industry.

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