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Flavors & Spices manufacturer, high quality suppliers

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Flavor and Spice are widely used in soaps, detergents, various cosmetics (cold creams, creams, hair creams, waxes, shampoos, toilet waters and perfumes, etc.), skin care and beauty products, toothpastes, air cleaners, disinfectants and other environmental hygiene products , Candies, biscuits, beverages, tobacco, alcohol, soy milk, dairy products, vegetable protein foods, and perfuming medicine, paper, plastic, leather, fabrics, etc.

Flavor refer to the mixture with a certain aroma which is a class of artificially formulated spices containing two or more or even dozens of spice (sometimes also containing suitable solvents or carriers). According to their application, flavors can be divided into three categories: daily flavors, food flavors and other flavors.It can be classified into two types by solubility:water-soluble (including alcohol-soluble) and oil-soluble.

Spice is a substance that can be smelled by smell or taste tasted. It may be a "single substance" or a "mixed substance". Its main application is to blend flavors. Plant spices are usually used to make foods rich in flavor.According to their preparation methods or raw materials,spices can be classified into two categories: "natural flavors" and "synthetic flavors"

Flavors & Spices

Chemicalorigin offers a full range of Flavors & Spices products in the areas of Natural Perfume,Synthetic Perfume and more.

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