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Inorganic Chemical manufacturer, high quality suppliers

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Inorganic chemistry is the science of the experimental study and theoretical explanation of the properties of all elements and their compounds and their reactions, with the exception of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, and is one of the first sub-disciplines of chemistry to develop.

Inorganic chemicals are the chemicals made from inorganic chemical industry; it mainly include four fields:

(1) Inorganic chemical technology including acids, bases, salts, ammonia and chemical fertilizers;

(2)Electrochemical technology including the electrical production of caustic soda, chlorine, electrolysis hydrogen and oxygen, wet electrical metallurgical production and electrothermal production of the calcium carbide, calcium cyanamide and phosphorus;

(3) The production technology of silicate including glass, ceramic and cement;

(4) Refinement inorganic chemical process such as reagent, medicament and trace element.

Inorganic Chemical

Chemicalorigin offers a full range of Inorganic Chemical products in the areas of Carbonyl Metal,Coating Material,Elementary Chemical,Graphene,Industrial Gases,Inorganic Acid,Inorganic Alkali,Inorganic Salt,Nonmetallic Mineral,Oxides & Peroxides,Silica Gel and more.

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