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Pharmaceutical excipients refer to substances which contained in pharmaceutical preparations, other than active ingredients, in the production of medicines and prescriptions. It has been reasonably evaluated in terms of safety, and may affect the quality, safety and effectiveness of important components of the medicine. In addition to shaping, acting as a carrier, and improving stability, it also has important functions such as solubilization, helping dissolving and sustained release.

By the orgin, it can be divided into natural products, semi-natural products and fully synthetic products.

According to application, it can be divided into solvents, propellants, solubilizers, cosolvents, emulsifiers, colorants, binders, disintegrants, fillers, lubricants, wetting agents, osmotic pressure regulators, stabilizers, Glidants, flavoring agents, preservatives, suspending agents, coating materials, fragrances, anti-adhesives, integrating agents, penetration enhancers, pH regulators, buffers, plasticizers, surfactants, hair Foaming agent, defoaming agent, thickening agent, inclusion agent, humectant, absorbent, diluent, flocculant and deflocculant, filter aid, release retarder, etc.

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