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Organic Raw Materials

An organic chemical referred to as an organic compound, is defined as being constructed of molecules that possess carbon-based atoms. Specifically, it is composed of carbon atoms attached to hydrogen atoms, together with a variety of other elements from functional groups, such as oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc. Usually, an organic chemical is covalently bonded, meaning that electrons are shared between atoms. This characteristic is why organic chemicals can be structured in a variety of long chains and rings and form bonds with the great stability.

Organic Chemistry have wide range of applications which can be divided into three areas: First, the raw material for the production of polymer chemical products, namely monomer of polymerization reaction; the second is used for other kinds of organic chemical industry including raw materials of fine chemical products; Third, used for solvents, refrigerants, antifreeze, gas adsorbents. Basic organic chemical industry is the basis for the development of various organic chemical products production and is a main component in the modern industrial structure.

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