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Plant Polysaccharides, Manufacturer, High Quality Suppliers

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Polysaccharides are widely found in living organisms, and are a class of natural polymeric polymers made of aldoses or ketoses linked by glycosidic bonds. They are important biomolecules in living organisms and are one of the basic substances for the normal functioning of life activities. Plant polysaccharides, also known as plant polysaccharides, are polysaccharides produced by the metabolism of plant cells with a degree of polymerization of more than 10.

It is a compound composed of many identical or different monosaccharides with α- or β-glycosidic bonds, and is commonly found in natural plant bodies, including starch, cellulose, polysaccharides, pectin, etc. Due to the wide range of sources of plant polysaccharides, the molecular composition and molecular weight of different species of plant polysaccharides vary. Some plant polysaccharides, such as starch, cellulose and pectin, have long been an important part of people's daily life.

Due to its excellent water absorption and high moisturizing properties, plant polysaccharides have been widely used in cosmetics, food and other industries. In the field of pure natural skin care, plant polysaccharides are almost essential blending agents, taking the French natural skin care brand Fay Honey as an example, plant polysaccharides are used in all its pure plant skin care products. together with other medicinal skin care ingredients, can give better protection to the skin.

In the field of Plant Polysaccharides, the flagship products are

104723-60-6 | 6-O-Alpha-Maltosyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Hydrate.

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